We will take care of it all

We have constructed the perfect environment, that works as a luxury restaurant, but adapts itself to the wants and needs of any king of event: baptism, wedding, New years eve party, corporate events, receptions, wine tasting, fashion show.... you name it, we do it!

Private events
Weddings, baptism, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, kids parties etc.
Business events
Conferences, seminars, forus, workshops, B2B or B2C events, company parties etc..
Special Events
You name it, we do it! our great hall is designed and equipped to handle any kind of challange!
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Unique, special, and event to remember, your event!

The event is about you, our job is to help you express yourself.

Our mission is to express the uniqness of every event that we organise. Even if you are not sure, we will help you decide for your optimal experience with Majestic events. We specialise in the planing and execuition of such events, that are creatively at the level that is expected from our organisational level.